Now in their seventeenth year as Berridge Licensees, Cleburne Sheet Metal has turned in a truly impressive growth performance each year. We congratulate them on being named "Top Metal Roofer" for the past two consecutive years by Metal Construction News magazine.

Cleburne Sheet Metal exemplifies how a metal roofing company can use The Berridge Total Program as a key element in its overall approach to the architectural metal panel business. With their ten Berridge portable roll formers, Cleburne Sheet Metal is able to provide unparalleled customer service, regardless of the complexity of the project.

We look forward to partnering with Cleburne Sheet Metal in the years ahead as they continue in their pursuit of excellence in metal roofing.

Jack A. Berridge
Chairman of the Board


I have worked with a myriad of architectural sheet metal contractors over the past 20 years, none that even come close to providing the quality products and services with the conscientious approach as Cleburne Sheet Metal. Time and again your firm defines “The Standard of Excellence.” From start to finish you and your staff are greatly appreciated. I look forward to many successful projects together in the future.

Thank you,

Harris Pink
Marrant Roofing Company


“CSM’s” work clearly exceeds the industry standards of quality metal roofing. Their knowledgeable foresight combined with the ability to identify potential build challenges while the projects are in the pre-construction stages are remarkably apparent in the design sensitive solutions posed well in advance of actual construction. In short, this helps ensure that the construction phase flows smoothly with out undo frustration and costly time delays.

CSM’s proof of excellence can always be proven by their finished product. It is here where the General Contractors, Architect as well as the owner will find craftsmanship true to their expectations. If quality of workmanship was the only criteria then others may be worthy of consideration, however in addition to assembling a group of talented craftsmen, Fred Couch has Project Managers, Project Superintendents, and support staff have an intense dedication to meeting construction schedules while working as a team player supportive of the General Contractor, Architect and other Subcontractors. This type of professionalism is rare in any industry. CSM you are “The Ultimate Metal Roofing Company.”


Buc Avanzini
Buc Avanzini Development

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